Combo membership one semester Student Union + ÖSIS


Membership is only for registrated students at Mid Sweden University in Östersund.

Membership fees can be refunded to students who, within two weeks of signing up for membership, show proof of canceled studies at Mid Sweden University,

Använd formatet YYYYMMDDXXXX
If you don't have a swedish personal identity number write your date of birth (YYYYMMDD) and select your nationality further down in the form.
Only if your nationality is other than Swedish.
Your identity number in this format: yyyymmddTxxx shall be written here. You should have gotten this from Miun (check backside of your Miun-card)
Studentkåren och ÖSIS måste ha möjligheten att kommunicera med sina medlemmar och därför är denna obligatorisk. This is a mandatory field because the student union and ÖSIS must be able to communicate with their members.
Mobile phone number
Välj om du vill ha informationsmail med information om och från våra samarbetspartners och våra evenemang. Choose whether you want information from and about our partners and our events.

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