Ängby IF [Fotboll]

Nya spelare - Fotboll

Det här är formuläret för dig som vill börja spela fotboll i Ängby IF. Om ni vill anmäla till 2016-lagen så använd istället F2016- eller P2016-formuläret. Tack.

This is the form for those who want to start playing football in Ängby IF. If you want to register to the 2016 teams, use the F2016 or P2016 form instead. Thank you. 

Spelarens förnamn/Player's first name
Spelarens efternamn/Player's last name
Spelarens personnummer/The player's social security number
För närvaroregistrering hos Riksidrottsförbundet/For attendance registration with the Swedish Sports Confederation
ZIP code
Postal address
Mobile phone

First name contact person 1
Last name contact person 1
E-mail contact person 1
Mobile contact person 1

First name contact person 2
Last name contact person 2
E-mail contact person 1
Mobile contact person 2

Request for group (ex friends)

What leadership role in the team do you want to take on as a parent? Då verksamheten bygger på ideella krafter så önskar vi att så många föräldrar som möjligt tar en aktiv roll i den mån de har möjlighet. As the association's activities are based on non-profit efforts, we wish that as many parents as possible take on an active role to the extent that they have the opportunity.
Which parent wants to take on the leadership role you chose above.

Any other information you want to share with us.
Which team does the player want to start playing in? Eg F12 Yellow or P10 Black.
Allergies, other info

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