Swedish Veterinary Dermatology Study Group

Registration form: SVDSG membership 2024

This registration form: SVDSG membership 2024 is ONLY for members who live outside Sweden and therefore do not have acces to pay via Swish.

Please fill in the registration form below after you have payed the membership fee. For instructions, please see the homepage (https://svdsg.se/bli-medlem/become-a-member)

Please state your private email address below in order to be sure to recieve our emails.  Do NOT use company email, often it is impossible for our emails to get past company spamfilters.

Do NOT use a company email addres. Company email-spamfilters will most likely make our emails bounce, and you will miss important information about the course.
For examble 004511223344 where the contry code in this examble is 0045
Please choose your profession in the drop down menu. Veterinär = veterinarian. Legitimerad djursjukskötare = Veterinary nurse
If you want to participate please set a check mark in the box

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